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Bon Chance Horseshoes, customized horseshoe plaques and awards with personalized engraving.

Attention all Racehorse Trainers, Owners and Horse Breeders and Horse lovers!

Whether your thoroughbred colt is leading the pack on the Kentucky Derby trail, a winner at your home racetrack or an Olympic Equestrian Horse Show Event winner these plaques will make the ultimate personalized gifts for all members of the horseracing and horse industry.

Send or e-mail us your favorite horse portrait picture, horse show win or winning race horse photo along with the winning horseshoe and we can custom mount your photo inside to make a personalize photo plaque using the horseshoe your horse won with or simply allow us to use one of our brand new horseracing horseshoes, and we will make a personalized engraved gift plaque for the equine enthusiast in your family.

Finish it with choosing from our rose ribbon colors to match your own horseracing silks or stable colors.

Not only will this unique and personalized gift make a unique horseshoe award, equine Christmas or Birthday gifts for horse breeders, horse racing trainers, racehorse owners and all members of the horse industry, it will also make your special horseshow, show jumping, and horseracing memory last a lifetime!

Specify in text box what text to be engraved on your plate (Engraved plate will fit five lines of 42 letters including spaces for each line)

7 x 9 cherry wood plaque with large engraved plate:

"Email Us, give us a call (1)253-335-1402, or use our customization form.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for special orders.

Each brand new thoroughbred horseshoe is 5 x 5 in. and weighs just 5 ounces.

Equestrienne with gold brass engraved plate on 6 x 8 Cherry Wood Plaque Example

Preserve your Horse show memories in Olympic Style!

Choose to mount your own horse's winning dressage or show jumper photo and horseshoe on a cherry wood plaque and customize your treasure that will last a lifetime. You have the option of using our new one and you can email me your photo and I will print it out and mount it for you.

Surprise your friend or family member with a personalized birthday gift or to commemorate that special winner in the family.

Specify in text box what text to be engraved on your plate. (Engraved plates will fit three lines of 35 letters including spaces each line.)

6 x 8 cherry wood plaque with gold brass engraved plate:

Price $ 70.00

Photo Example of Horse racing Plaque-- 7 x 9 Cherry Wood plaque with Engraved plate

Mail us a photo of yourself, a friend or a family member aboard their favorite horse from the backyard to winning in competition. Preserve your special memory and let us mount it for you onto a cherry wood plaque with either your own horse's winning horseshoe or one of our own brand new ones.

Decorated with your own custom racing silks or Horse show competition stable colors, this makes for a complete personalized and unique gift idea for Horse show competitions and Horse racing Memorabilia.

Price $ 100.00

(Engraved plates will fit five lines of 35 letters including spaces each line.)

Bon Chance Horseshoes make the perfect award for Horse show Competitions. Whether it is 1st place through 5th these awards come complete with engraved plate and colors of your choosing.

Price $45.00

(small plates will fit three lines of 16 letters including spaces each line.)

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